08 March 2019

Pak match-fixing scandal: 'Bookie' named by Asif's ex-girlfriend Veena Malik denies allegations

Pakistani pacer Asif had links with call girls: Actress Veena Malik

New Delhi: Pakistani actress and ex-girlfriend of Mohd Asif Veena Malik has alleged that Asif had multiple relationships with models, bar dancers, small-time actresses and even call girls.

She said that the detective gave her phone numbers, photographs and other details of seven women with whom Asif used to spend a lot of time.

"I was shocked when I was told that most of these women were models, bar dancers, small-time actresses and even call girls from across the world," said Malik.

Malik also said that one of the numbers she got from the detective was of Indian actress Neetu Chandra.

A Love Scandal Turns into A Match-Fixing Scandal

That’s the reason why Malik decided to hire a private detective to keep an eye on the Pakistani pacer. She also confessed that she learnt about match-fixing after hiring the detective.

"I always knew that Asif was involved with other women even when we were dating. He was the kind of guy who would party all night during his tours with girls. I was particularly suspicious about one person who sent him text messages frequently. I had a doubt that he was cheating on me, and so I hired a detective," said the actress.

“I was aghast when the private detective told me that Asif spent a lot of time with upcoming actresses, models when he toured other countries. Bookmakers may have used these girls as messengers to pass on information to players," Malik told an Indian newspaper.

The alleged bookmaker named by Pakistani pacer Mohammad Asif's former girlfriend, Veena Malik, has denied having any role in the latest match-fixing scandal.

Veena, a popular Pakistani actress, had claimed on Monday that she has proof of Asif's involvement in spot-fixing and that he has been in touch with bookmakers in the recent past.

She had a much publicised break-up with Asif earlier this year. Speaking on television, Veena said Asif used to be in touch with an Indian bookmaker named Dixit, who paid him for spot-fixing in matches.

"Asif used to call up this Indian bookmaker and other bookies as well on the phone of his servant. I have evidence of the messages he exchanged with the bookies," she said as she waved around a paper having a list of messages.

"I have more evidence of his involvement and I can show that he and some other players also indulged in spot fixing on the Australian tour," she said.

She also alleged that Asif had paid bribes to escape a longer suspension when he tested positive in a dope test during the Indian Premier League two years back.

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