04 February 2019

Workers Compensation Scam; Fake vs. Real Injury; Private Investigators On the Spot

A very small percentage of workers compensation claims are scams; most of them are legitimate. The most common type of workers compensation scams are faked injuries. If one of your employees collects workers compensation benefits for an injury they didn’t suffer, your company will pay the price. This is why it is very

urgent that you know when an employee has faked their injury and when they are being genuine. At this point, the private investigators help the companies reveal the fake injuries and workers compensation scams.

Example of a Faked Injury Revealed By the Private Investigators

Jane slipped and fell on some spilled liquid at the workplace. She has been away from work for several months because of an alleged leg injury. She claimed that her accident happened on Monday morning and on Tuesday she filed a workers compensation claim. Due to her leg injury, she has been receiving benefits for temporary total disability.

Two months into the accident and a workers compensation adjuster calls Jane’s boss and informs her that Jane has been pulling a workers compensation scam over her. The insurer had hired a private investigator who spotted Jane about a week after her accident going for an evening jog and she had no signs of a broken leg.

Jane is convicted of insurance fraud and is ordered to pay back the money she received as compensation for her injuries.