Timsah Gözyaşları ve Boş Tabut
19 March 2019

Crocodile Tears and an Empty Casket

The first funeral for James Davis was lovely -- a touching graveside ceremony at a Los Angeles-area cemetery. Later his coffin was exhumed, his remains cremated, and his ashes reportedly scattered at sea. But it turns out the only true thing about the entire charade was the $950,000 in life insurance proceeds paid out to two funeral home workers who concocted the whole plan.

Private Investigators within the Insurance Company step in.

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, the elaborate charade included fake mourners and a coffin filled with cow meat and bones and a mannequin (so the weight of the casket would feel right). When an insurance investigator started looking into the scheme, the workers turned the evidence into ashes. Their plan went up in smoke when they attempted to bribe a doctor into creating fake medical documents for the non-existent Davis and the doctor would not cooperate. In January, one of the perpetrators was sentenced to 2 years in a federal penitentiary.