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14 February 2020

Family Counselling

Family counseling is the provision of counseling services for individuals to overcome the mental and emotional problems that occur due to various factors in their relationships, including marriage, starting from the periods of dating, talking, engagement, as they progress towards the establishment of a family.
In today's conditions, many (social, cultural, economic, etc.) factors affecting our lives affect family-building and maintaining family relationships in a healthy way, and thus, mutual communication disorders may occur between couples and family members on the way to establish a family.
Relationships can be disrupted and problems that can be overcome in couples' relationships can be disrupted because the problems experienced between couples can often be caused by the psychological dynamics, traumas, losses, and difficult life processes of individuals. A healthy relationship needs, above all, to "understand each other". In order to meet this need and keep the relations healthy, support from a specialist is required.
Each couple sets out with the hope of a happy draw that will last a lifetime. Sorry, it may not always last forever. The important thing is not to end the relationships or marriages, but to be in a healthy and peaceful relationship and marriage union. When you look at it from the right place, sometimes the separations can actually be a happy ending.
 In this context, sometimes it is important not to establish a relationship with the right person, but to leave the "right person". At this stage, it is important for couples to use family counseling services to end their relationship or marriage more healthily, to overcome the separation stage and the devastating effects of the post-separation period without exhausting themselves and their partners, if any, without exposing their children in the relationship to negative effects that may result from this separation.


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