Boşanma Süreci Ve Sonrasında Erkek
14 February 2020


While the ending of marriages with divorce was previously a socially unpleasant situation, changes in the social structure and individuals' perspectives also caused changes in the perspective of divorce. Over time, divorce has become ordinary and it has been seen as a natural situation as a marriage. Although it becomes a common condition and starts to be welcomed naturally, divorce is a trauma, and it takes time for people who experience this trauma to get rid of the destruction caused by this process. Another fact besides the fact that women experience a very difficult process in ending the marriage union is that men are also affected by this process. According to the social point of view, although men are not a cry pattern, many men are more fragile than they seem. Even if men think that their marriage is over, situations such as anxiety about the future of children, and a sense of responsibility arising from the thought of leaving their spouse in the middle may cause contradictions and serious sadness in this process. These situations also create the status of continuing the marriage for a while.
In the inevitable end, emotions such as the disappearance of the role of women who gather behind the back of men, the deterioration of habits and comfort achieved with marriage, the family temperature in the divorces in which custody is accompanied, and the fear of being alone from the separation caused by separation from children are beginning to prevail. In addition to these feelings, burdened alimony paid after divorce may also cause men to have a financial and moral collapse while disrupting their thoughts of starting a new life. Even though divorce is a turning point in people's lives, it is necessary to accept the situation experienced with the least possible injury and to apply to the support of the close circle and, if necessary, to overcome this process.

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