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14 February 2020

Stages that push marriages to divorce stage

Marriage is one of the most critical decisions people make in their lives. This decision is sometimes made as a result of a flirting and friendship, and sometimes it can be done in an eye-catching manner in line with our social traditions and customs. In any way, intentions and hopes are the same. Everybody goes out to establish their own nuclear family one day. Death is intended until it separates us, but it continues until it goes.

  • The infidelity of one of the spouses
  • Lack of communication and inability to empathize
  • Power war
  • Economic problems in the family
  • Disagreements and severe incompatibility
  • Families interfering with the relationship
  • Time-varying mindset and emotions
  • Early marriages
  • Domestic economic, psychological and physical violence
  • Death, accident, etc. trauma
  • Problems that cannot be overcome in the period before marriage
  • Health problems
  • Marriages without the consent of the heart
  • Sexual problems
  • Long-term separations
  • Lack of love, attention and respect
  • Having children with physical or mental disabilities

These problems that arise from the pre-marriage period and arise during the marriage period, and the problems that cause incompatibility, reduce the solidarity between the couples and cause the union of the marriage to be shaken. Unless the problems reach a solution, they accumulate and get heavy and prevent marriage from moving. Over time, even the most routine activities begin to be disrupted. While every unsolved problem causes new problems to occur, it brings the marriage to the end point.