Boşanma Sürecinde Ve Sonrasında Kadın
14 February 2020


Divorce is the situation in which the marriage is terminated when couples resort to legal means as a result of the unity of the marriage union and the expectations become unmet. Divorce is surely a difficult process that affects everyone, whether male or female. The more difficult it is to create a marriage union, the more difficult it is to end a certain experience. What is left behind is not only physical unity but also hopes, emotions and moreover age and experiences.
Due to the effects of the social structure we live in during this difficult process, women live more and more after the divorce stage than men. According to social conditions, the thoughts of women, "marriage is done once" or "the house, which comes with a wedding dress, can only be returned with a shroud", are the weights that are placed on women even before they get married. Especially women who do not have economic freedom and who are not supported by their families continue to marry for a while even though they are unhappy in their marriage, and women who are exposed to violence by their spouses can continue their marriage because the extent of this violence can reach the threat of death. The weight of making a divorce decision and trying to exist as a divorced woman in society is undeniable. The most important factors affecting women in making this decision are the anxiety about children's future, fears of environmental reactions, economic weakness and a bad view of society to a divorced woman.
Divorced women find it difficult to make a living and take care of their children if they do not have economic freedom. Women who do not participate in working life until a certain age also have difficulty in finding a job after divorce. In this context, it is important for women to actively participate in working life and have economic freedom.
It is a matter of concern that women who are divorced in social life and social areas are perceived as a weak woman by the opposite sex with the label of “widowed woman” and also by their fellows. Divorced women are exposed to the restriction of their freedom by society through repression. Behaviors and critical approaches, which society cannot fit into divorced women, also pose a major obstacle for divorced women to get involved in social life. The social, economic and social problems experienced make it very difficult for divorced women to shoulder their parenting duties on their own. While being a woman alone is already a difficult craft, the difficulty of being a divorced woman is an indisputable fact.

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