Our Service Areas

DAT PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY, which was founded in Ankara, is a private detective firm operating all around Turkey. Our customers can get information about the issues they want to solve through contacting us over the phone number 0 312 284 0 299 for 24 hours from all around Turkey. The safest way to get rid of your doubts and learn the facts is Dat Private Detective Agency. Private Detective Ümit Hakan Karakaya is the Founder and currently the Chairman of the All Private Detectives Association and carries out the activities. At the same time, he is the Grant Holder of Private Detective Magazine and Executive Editor. Whenever you need a detective, either you can give a phone call and receive information anywhere in Turkey or we can arrange a face to face meeting in your province if necessary. Call Us Now 0312 284 0 299 DAT PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY ANKARA