Our Team

As DAT PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY, our team consists of experienced, professional subject matter expert detectives and they employee the assistant private investigators with the same quality of theirs. Every detail and subtlety is taken into consideration. Upon the demands of the customers, the examination and investigation is conducted on the desired and specified subjects 
It has the opportunity to reach to and get in contact with everywhere in Turkey and all over the world and continues its services with a specialized team.
 For this profession that has no law in Turkey, unfortunately, some of our friends (No matter which detective agency), who want to be mediatic, give headlines like “we are the FIRST and ONLY legal agency.”  But it is just a trick to claim to be LEGAL in a country where no law exists on this subject. We kindly ask our customers and all our people not to overlook this issue.
  The Association of Detectives we have established has made a name for itself with the works it has carried out for the development of the profession and the law to be enacted.
    In addition to this, for our esteemed customers it is worth noting the followings; the abuse of so-called detective companies, which increase in number day by day and do this business only through the websites without giving the address and phone number, should be taken into consideration; the selection should be done very well when making a deal with the detective company; the values such as the reference, contract, recognition, and proving its adequacy in the local and national channels in the printed and visual media should be taken into consideration. 
We provide 24-hour services all around Turkey with our professional and experienced staff. Besides, upon demand we send our teams to all around Turkey. We are at your service with our professional team to meet all your demands.
In the difficult and insurmountable situations of the life, every person needs a support and a trusted friend to put his/her head on his/her shoulder. Working with the motto of being your professional confidant, DAT PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY has existed to make your life easier, to help you in your problems for which you cannot find a solution, to protect your rights and shed light on before the law, and give a hand to you.
"DAT PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY" does not disclose to anyone the information it has reached as a result of the private investigations. # It cannot give information to anyone other than its Contracted Customers.