What We Do?

Dat Detective Agency; provides services such as collecting evidence in divorce and parental right suits, spouse surveillance, detection of address, asset searches, domestic and international investigations, security survey of members of the board of directors and senior executives, handling complex law suits, employment screening background checks, CV verification, and reference check.
Our approach is simple and transparent. In order to find answers to the events we use open sources, open source public records, and the information we receive from our interviews with creative and thoughtful questions. Day after day we improve our team and have the experienced investigators who make us more agile, proactive and efficient.
Our purpose is, for a reasonable fee, to enlighten you with the researches and investigations we conduct to enable you to make the right and wise decisions.
We, as the Dat Detective Agency, do not use illegal or unethical investigation methods to obtain information. It is out of question to have access to the banking transactions, medical records, or the confidential government documents. Furthermore, we have nothing to do with the government agencies and law enforcement forces.

If we cannot solve your issue, we will open-mindedly explain this to you and enable you to get in contact with the people who can help you. Even though we handle your case with a great care and discipline, we want to say that we do not offer you the promise of solving every problem.
We are here to do this job! We work hard to help you with your needs and dilemmas and we develop creative thinking techniques. After our first meeting, we give you a detailed action plan based on our recommendations for you. This plan includes our actions to achieve what we aim for within the period we specified. We conduct our investigations in stages, in a way to enable you take the control of the case, and without having to pay high fees.