Why Us?

What to Consider When Choosing a Private Investigator?
Our company DAT DETECTIVE SERVICES Co. Ltd., which was established in 2009 among the private detective investigation companies that rapidly developed in our country and in the world at the beginning of the 21st century, has set out to fill a significant gap in our sector. #
Our firm, which completed its infrastructure and created a professional staff after an intense work, has justified pride of giving reliable and accurate information to its customers.
Our firm, which conducts meticulous studies about the customer reliability, provides service to its customers as a result of psychological and technical analysis.
What really matters is our customers' trust to us. However, the applications made to us should be examined and evaluated with the same diligence and attention. Our customers who make an appointment for the application are invited to the pre-interview by way of first filling in the customer information form. The second interview for our customers, for whom the required evaluations are carried out by our expert staff in the wake of the pre-interview, is the technical information analysis. The reality and reliability of the information you give us is very valuable for us. As a result of the required two pre-interviews, we, with our teams, get ready to render service to our customers, whose preliminary investigation was completed. 
Our services range as follows;
DAT private detective “Investigation” is a “Private Investigation” agency, upon request of the natural and legal persons,  in charge of collecting all kinds of information, evaluating them, giving the information about the criminal acts to the “Administrative And Judicial Authorities And The Law Enforcement Forces”, and giving the other information to the natural and legal persons that requested the investigation within the framework of Turkish Penal Code, the code of criminal procedures, civil code, and the other codes related with a specific subject providing not to interfere in private life and violate the personal rights.
We, that is, the private detectives, are a firm that collects, evaluates, and investigate all kinds of information, limited to the requested subject on behalf of natural and legal persons, within the framework of the existing laws, provides consultancy services with the objective of preventing any kind of danger against the natural and legal persons and informs those concerned when they are informed of a crime.
DAT private detective agency has been reliably meeting the detective needs in Ankara for many years..