KVKK Data Security Law No. 6698

Data Security and Privacy

DAT DETECTIVITY especially in the collection and processing of a large number of personal data under the law No. 6698 KVKK provides full service in accordance with the relevant structure of the relevant organization is hosting.

This formation provides a complete Comprehensive Data Security service.


Data Security in the context of the formation of the first şeklindedir.b 6698 KVKK allowing you to sleep when you put your head on your pillow and be fully compatible and speeds communication as a counterpart via a single formation is the ONLY company in Turkey.

The most critical issue in information and communication technologies   information security . But this issue is so broad and deep that it is divided into many specialized fields, even among its subheadings. The contents of the sub-headings are so intertwined that they are often mixed. We have compiled a map to make it easier for you to find your way in the field of information security.

Information security is defined as the prevention of unauthorized or unauthorized access, use, alteration, disclosure, elimination, and change of information as an asset type and is defined as bir confidentiality de , bir integrity k and ins accessibility bir. it occurs. If any of these three basic safety items is damaged,   security weakness   It occurs.

  • Privacy:   Protection of information against unauthorized persons and protection against unauthorized access.
  • Integrity:   The information is not changed by unauthorized persons.
  • Accessibility:   Information is available and available to authorized persons when needed.

Information security:

  • network security   (network security)
  • end / end   point / user security   (endpoint security)
  • data security   (data security)
  • application security   (application security)
  • identity and access management   (identity and access management)
  • security management   (security management)
  • virtualization and cloud   virtualization and cloud

as   7 general categories   and these categories are also   divides into 32 subheadings :

one.)   Network Security   (Network Security)   6 subheadings   are separated:

  • Content Security
    • Email
    • website
  • Perimeter Defense
    • Firewall / VPN (Firewall / Virtual Private Network)
    • IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
    • UTM (Unified Threat Management)
    • NAC (Network Access Control)
    • Wireless
    • Monitoring
      • NBA / NAD
      • Forensics
    • Managed Services
      • Monitoring
      • Management
    • 2nd.)   Tip / Last   Point / User Security   (Endpoint Security)   5 subheadings   are separated:
    • End / Endpoint / Endpoint Defense
      • Anti-Malware
      • Host Firewall
      • Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)
      • Application Whitelisting for Applications
    • Disk Encryption
    • Device Control
    • Mobile Security
    • Remote Access / VPN (Remote Access / VPN)
    • 3.)   Data   Security   (Data Security)   4 subheadings   are separated:
    • Database Security
    • Database Assessment
    • Database Activity Monitoring
    • Database Encryption
    • Data Loss Prevention (Data Loss Prevention)
      • DLP Solutions
        • Full Solution / Team (Full Suite)
        • Network DLP (Network DLP)
        • Endpoint DLP (Endpoint DLP)
        • Content Discovery
      • Data Loss Prevention Features (DLP Features)
    • Encryption
      • File / Folder
        • Distributed Encryption
      • Key Management
      • SAN / NAS
      • Application Encryption
    • Access Management
      • Entitlement Management
      • File Activity Monitoring

4.)   Application   Security   (Application Security)   5 subheadings   are separated:

    • Web Application Firewalls
    • Application Testing
    • Dynamic Application Testing
    • Static Application Testing
    • Secure Development
      • Threat Modeling
      • Development Process
      • Testing Methodologies
    • Web Application Assessment
      • Web Vulnerability Assessment
      • Web Penetration Testing
    • Managed Services
      • Assessment / Testing
      • Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)

5.) Identity and Access Management   (Identity and Access Management)   5 subheadings   are separated:

    • Directories
    • Authentication
    • Provisioning
    • Web Access Management
    • Federation

6.)   Security   management   (Security Management)   5 subheadings   are separated:

    • Compliance / Compliance
      • IT-GRC
      • PCI
      • SOX
      • HIPAA
      • NERC-CIP
      • Privacy / Privacy
    • Security Operations
      • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
      • Log Management
    • System Management
      • Patch Management
      • Configuration Management
    • Vulnerability Management
      • Vulnerability Assessment
      • Penetration Testing
    • Incident Response

7.)   Virtualization and Cloud   (Virtualization and Cloud)   2 subheadings   are separated:

    • Virtualization Security
      • Virtual Machine Security
      • Virtualization Infrastructure Security
      • Cloud Security
        • Cloud Security Services
        • Cloud Hardening
        • Cloud Risk Management

According to this categorization, the most popular topics at the moment are cloud computing security, data loss prevention (DLP) and web security.

DATE DETECTIVE 6698 No. Personal Data all obtained data within the scope Protection Act which multinational companies in the world LUFTHANSA AIRLINES, Thyssen Krupp, LAND ROVER, KIA, ASTON MARTIN, GERMAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION, Shell, the world's most secure digital safe as WUNDERMANN SCRYPTOSÒ, Turkey ' and the TURKSAFEÒ system.