Missing Person Survey

Those whose relatives are not certain, whose fate is unknown, who have been applied to the security units about their loss, are given to the children under the age of 18, and those who are over 18 are called the adult missing person.

Missing Person Application How?

Firstly, the person of the missing person can be made family, relatives, guardian or guardian, legal representatives and authorities of the institution to which he is attached. Other persons who are aware of the absence of the person and who are concerned about the situation may apply.

What is Missing Person Statistics?

In particular, 30% of young people and children were found to have disappeared because of substance dependencies, 25% of them were lost because of family affairs or restlessness, and the rest were abducted for various purposes. The missing persons statistics in the police are being investigated extensively. According to these surveys, 98% of the notifications of missing persons were responded positively and the solution was reached. 2% of these reports are still awaiting response.

Missing Person Research How?

Private detective firms deal with missing person research and try to collect all the details carefully and collect evidence to track down missing persons. Private detective firms try to find missing persons with technical follow-up, virtual tracking and physical follow-up studies. These studies have reached the results of close to 0 and positive or negative information is obtained about missing persons. Detectives carry out their investigations on missing persons in cooperation with police members.