Athlete Research (Complementary Scouting)

’’ I like the athlete's clever, agile and at the same time good moral. ’‘

Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK


Dat Private Detective has been conducting Private Detective Activities in Turkey and abroad for 15 years. As a result of our observations, the market created by the increasing passion for sports worldwide has reached 180 billion dollars annually and this figure is higher than the national income of 130 countries.
The subject of professional sportsman follow-up has entered our literature as scouting term. This word which is of English origin means watching, following, but in the wider definition it is used in the meaning of da discovering tanım and anlam talent hunting İngilizce. The definition of professional football is med izleme football player tracking and discovery. Indaki Profesyonel
What is scouting in football, why is it so important for clubs?

Scouting is a process that starts with the player and with experience and ability to see the bigger picture step by step, is the kitchen of today's football and even the lifeblood, football is almost ilm. In addition, scouting, instant performance, potential talent and maximum financial benefits to measure the benefit, opportunity and price triangle is an important department that can be benefited in sports clubs. Numerous large clubs that have written their name in gold letters have been scouting teams for a long time. Not only economically but also for the future of football, children will be the idols of young people, and the point of reaching the footballers who are going to dream is scouting. For example, if you need to give an example to the last sentence, star football players have such a great impact on young football enthusiasts that the unforgettable Italian star of the 1990 and 1994 World Cups, Roberto Baggio, nicknamed '' Divine Ponytail '', has announced that he is a Buddhist on a television program. a female audience connected to the telephone at the time R.Baggio'deki guest for '' a convinced me Christian and my two sons as well as I believed in christians. However, they love you so wondrous, that after you declared you were Buddhists, they both decided to become Buddhists. They're not home right now. Please, I beg of you, say it's a joke, you're not a Buddhist, Christian, sir. Değil Similarly, in Argentina today, there is ’the cult of Maradona worshipers Aynı Aynı. This tarikat sees Maradona as the true Messiah / son of God, and it is the birth year of Maradona.

The rules of football are the same all over the world. Soccer's universality is similar to what the clubs expect from a football player. The clubs are always in a quest to find the players in the features they need, and the only way to reach the right player is by scouting. It is necessary to understand the meaning of the movements and emotions in the field, whether the development is clear or not, and the person who performs this successfully is called scout.
It covers a significant percentage of the most important missing the scouting operations in the world so for example Portugal clubs in an important case took place which found their scouting operations and parlatıp source of income in the player's economy had sold the club in Turkey. For example, the largest club in Portugal, Porto has become a large club and has become an infrastructure for larger clubs. This club puts nearly 100 million euros in transfer revenue every year. As a matter of fact, the success of Porto in this transfer and infrastructure strategy is expressed by NTV football commentator and former national football player Mr. Rıdvan Dilmen as follows: başar başar Every club has a scout team, right? We look at the transfers from Van Persie, Nani, Podolski, Mario Gomez, Samuel Eto bakıyo etc. etc .. names that everyone knows. Find the 20 year old player from Brazil, Argentina, Van, Erciyes ’We have to change our model. We have now converted our model to Qatar, Dubai. This is a very dangerous course. It's really dangerous. We need to get back to Porto and Shakhtar immediately. Ve Bizim

The Qatar and Dubai model emphasized here by Mr. Dilmen is the astronomical wages spent on transfers and the subsequent poor financial and financial structures, which today many of our sports clubs are subject to financial fair-play penalties due to Uefa's financial financial criteria. Due to the fact that the Turkish sports spectators are not able to perform the transfer of the star players, they can even get banned from the cups. As a matter of fact, another name is an old national football player and experienced technician Mr. Ertuğrul Sağlam. Sports and the world of the important names coming from the economy and Fanat