Spouse Surveillance

Do you think that your spouse cheats on you? Lack of confidence and suspicious behaviors between the spouses may lead you to anxiety, or even lead you to a big jealousy crisis. The result of this causes some great psychological problems. You no longer need to live with doubt and distrust. Put an end to the question marks in your mind. DAT DETECTIVE AGENCY will shed light on your path to get professional help with all its knowledge and experience. 
If you think that your man is cheating on you, you should observe him more carefully. For example, start by examining his manner and attitude.
How the men behave when they cheat. Here are some tips...
When he is talking to you; if he touches your face, smiles, turns his eyes away; if his facial muscles start to shake; if he holds his arms crossed or crosses his legs as he talks; If his pupils shrink, if he shakes his head meaning “No” as he gives the answer “Yes”; if he hides his hands, he confuses the words and falters, know that he is lying to you!
1- The girls whose names are recorded on the phone with male names
Men are more careful now. Before, they wouldn't save their girlfriend's phone number on their cell phones, they would have written down somewhere in their pockets with no names on it.  Now the situation changed... Not they record the names of the other girls with male names and avoid the issue.
2- A second phone line for the lover
Besides, in order not to be caught because of phone the men purchase a second phone line for themselves and their lovers and speak on the phone as they wish.  If you do not know that line, it is difficult for you to catch them... However, if he has a second cell phone, it may be a little bit difficult to hide it.
3- If he constantly apologizes
If your man, who begrudges a compliment, does not leave from beside you as innocent as a cat who's just swallowed the family parrot, know that there is something wrong with this. If the man, who pretends to be a good husband in order for you not to understand the situation, comes unexpectedly with flowers at hand, if he takes you out for a dinner and surprises you, watch out!
4- If he frequently buys a gift for you
If your partner, who has never thought of you before and was used to not to remember any special days of yours, buys a lot of gifts for you and never forgets your special days, there is a problem, watch out! Because the guilt feelings make him do many things. We can't, of course, say that every man who makes such pleasant surprises to his woman is cheating, but keep in mind that the key point is your intuition.
5- New technologies serve for the lies.
He tells you that he will go on a trip, and he calls you from the airport and says that he got his cell phone stolen. He is calling from a pay phone! Indeed, you hear the background sounds of airplanes and a noise... But do not be so sure. A recently emerged new technology product makes the sound of the desired environment. The airport, traffic, office environment... Once they approach this to the phone, you are all set!
6- The place I will go is near, forget about the car...

A man, who goes out to meet the friends and says “we will just drink a coffee, it is very near, no need to drive” even though he has a car, signals beforehand that he will come back home late. If he happens to fabricate some pretexts such aa “I could not find a taxi” or “we had a minor accident”, if you experienced the similar behaviors before, then it's time to show your claws.
7- I stopped by my family and fell asleep!
No mother can say no to a mama's boy, who asked her to say that he had fallen asleep when you called. The most effective way to cope with the men who make their mother an instrument for their womanizing is to establish a close relationship with his mother!

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